Guest Room Energy Management

Magenta FZCO has formed a strategic partnership with ENERGEX Inc, Canada to offer Guest Room Energy Saving solutions for our clients in the Middle East.

Founded in 1992, ENERGEX is recognized as an industry leader in occupancy based technology with energy management solutions implemented in more than 50,000 Hotel rooms world wide in Hotels.

ENERGEX provides and energy management system based on advanced PIR occupancy sensors to control lighting, heating, and cooling in commercial and residential applications. The ENERGEX system is connected to a room's HVAC system and automatically optimizes energy usage to the room's actual occupancy condition.


Existing room energy management systems using infra-red sensors help to reduce energy consumption for HVAC and lighting by
15 - 30%. The system adjusts the room temperature by 6F - 8F degrees when rooms are unoccupied.

Real Time Occupancy Management System:

Web based Real Time Occupancy Management System provides occupancy data to the front desk, helps in running demand control operations, streamlines housekeeping, increases security and eliminates in-house frauds.


Today, thermostats with occupancy detectors have limitations related to installed location, integration only with HVAC system, and are generally hard wired. Room energy management systems from ENERGEX use wired or wireless sensors that can be integrated with HVAC and lighting systems and can achieve energy savings of up to 45%.

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