Occupancy Based Energy Management

What is Occupancy Sensing?

Typically in a commercial building or hotel, one is likely to face a problem of energy wastage when the office or guest room is unoccupied. Today energy consumption is the single largest operating cost (up to 40%) when offices and rooms are vacant. During the unoccupied mode, energy is wasted in Air-Conditioning (HVAC) and lighting. By utilizing occupancy sensors, HVAC and lighting energy usage can be efficiently managed by regulating settings in the unoccupied mode. Once the room is re-occupied, the settings are quickly returned to the last selected value.



Occupancy sensors provide intelligent HVAC and lighting energy management of vacant rooms in applications like Hotel guestrooms, Student dorms and Commercial office building applications. The system has proven capabilities to reduce HVAC and Lighting operations up to 35%.


Occupancy based energy management systems utilize precision sensing technology and sophisticated logic control software to verify the occupancy status of any heated or cooled space............

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